Buddé French Cleaners' was established by Budde Teichman in 1949 with one vision in mind:
To provide the best quality dry cleaning, accompanied by the highest level of customer satisfaction
in the metropolitan area. Buddé's present facility was designed and built from the ground up
in 1953 specifically to accommodate a large volume, high capacity dry cleaning operation. 1953 also
brought the arrival of Budde Teichman's son, and present owner, Robert Teichman. Success and
growth continued throughout the 1950's as Buddé French Cleaners incorporated with the state
of New York in 1954, and became Buddé French Cleaners, Inc.

Dry cleaning trucking operations expanded throughout the metropolitan area during the 1950's and '60's,
allowing the Buddé name to spread. Because of the growing recognition and reputation, Budde Teichman
was named President of the Neighborhood Cleaners' Association (NCA), an organization of Dry Cleaners
still in existence. Budde Teichman was looked upon as an influential professional in the dry cleaning industry.

Budde's son Robert began working at Buddé in the late 1960's, gaining experience in the many aspects
of the dry cleaning industry. Upon graduation from Temple University in 1975, Robert Teichman decided
to put this experience to good use, and began full-time involvement with Buddé Sharing the same vision
as his father, Robert continued the long standing high quality and success achieved over the prior years.

January 1, 1982, Robert Teichman became the President and Owner of Buddé French Cleaners, Incorporated.
Soon after, Buddé began servicing the Fire Restoration Dry Cleaning Industry. With his broad spectrum of
experience, Teichman took Buddé French to this new level of service and found his company's name
becoming an Industry standard.

Presently, Buddé French Cleaners is operating as a full service fire restoration dry cleaner throughout the
Greater New York metropolitan area. Budde Teichman's original vision continues to be the utmost priority at
Buddé French Cleaners, Incorporated.

Third generation dry cleaner Robert Teichman, has specialized in dry cleaning quality, inventory control,
garment trucking, restoration cleaning and odor removal. Because of his extensive background
and experience in the field, Teichman is considered a pundit in the Restoration Dry Cleaning industry.
As a result, he serves as a consultant for Major Insurance Carriers in the New York Metropolitain area, and beyond.

Additionally, Robert Teichman is certified by the New York School of Dry Cleaning,
and is a graduate and full scholarship athlete of Temple University.


Robert Teichman
Owner, President
Buddé French Cleaners, Inc.